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Who Are The Fitness Experts?
The Fitness Experts (TFE) is a unique alternative to normal boring gyms. As opposed to uninspiring rows of treadmills and boring routines, we offer a completely new way to workout that is fun and effective.

How Does It Work?
We run a number of group sessions throughout the day which we call ‘bootcamps’. These sessions are taken by one of our personal trainers, or Fitness Experts. The session is designed by and run by a trainer so all you need to do is turn up!

How Are Your Sessions Run?
All our sessions are run on a ‘bootcamp of the day’ basis whereby every day the session is different from the last - that way you aren’t doing the same session over and over. For incredible results you have to expose your body to a number of different challenges and therefore our sessions are a combination of upper body, lower body and core, focusing on strength, cardio and flexibility and could be a combination of individual work, partner sessions or even team sessions. The thing that every sessions has in common: They are all 45 minutes long, using fun functional equipment but with a focus on achieving results fast.

What about my injuries? Is this for elite athletes?
We cater for all ages and abilities from 16 through to 80 years old. Our expert coaches are on hand to modify any exercise to ensure that you can work around your injuries and still achieve your results. Our sessions are based on a principle of perceived exertion - we ask that you work out at a level that is a 7 or an 8 out of 10 for you. Therefore the effect is individual to you and no one else - you are only competing against yourself. Our studios have members who ARE elite athlete but also members who have never been in a gym before. The only thing that our members have in common is that they are all training for a goal - and want great results.

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